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Texas Take

Jan 24, 2019

The debate over the federal government shutdown in Washington has become emotional with senators shouting at each other on the Senate floor and Sen. Ted Cruz taking the brunt of the criticism from those who argue he has trivialized shutdowns in the past.

Back in Austin, tensions in the Texas Senate between Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and a prominent senator from Amarillo boiled over as Patrick made numerous unverifiable claims about the senator, a fellow Republican, as justification for demoting him from a leadership role. This is not just drama — there are serious implications for what new laws may be passed in Texas this year.

And "school choice" supporters continue their quixotic adventure in the Great State. Our reporters braved the cold to attend the School Choice Week Rally at the Capitol.

Go behind the headlines for a look at what's really going on at the Texas Capitol and in Washington with the state's #1 political podcast: The Texas Take. Join the conversation featuring Scott Braddock, editor of The Quorum Report, Texas Public Radio Capitol reporter Ryan Poppe, and Chronicle political writer Jeremy Wallace.