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Texas Take

Oct 7, 2016

Washington tells Texas to get its act together on special education, the vice presidential candidates clash in their only debate and we see whether it moves the needle any for their running mates, and Texas voter registrations are at an all-time high. Will that benefit the Republicans or the Democrats the most?

Plus, a newly energized Ted Cruz makes get-out-the-vote calls for Donald Trump, his former nemesis, and a Houston senator's proposal to teach ninth-graders in Texas about how to interact with police if they're stopped for traffic violations or otherwise detained is criticized by Black Lives Matter.

And finally, if you thought there were snakes at some state agencies in Austin, you'd be right. No joke. We have the details.

Texas politics are never boring, and the intriguing highlights and these and other topics that have dominated headlines in recent days are explored in this week's Texas Take: The Podcast -- the leading political podcast in the Lone Star State.