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Texas Take

Apr 5, 2018

Gov. Greg Abbott surprised Democrats with a tweet where he acknowledged for the first time that former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez would be the party's nominee to face him next November.

"The next 7 months will be a battle between @LupeValdez and me about whether or not Texas will secure our border and protect our sovereignty," the governor's message said. "It's about whether sanctuary cities will remain banned or be allowed. I need your help to fight for the future of Texas. #tcot @TexasGOP."

An hour later, Valdez shot back: "@GregAbbott_TX it's a shame your future for Texas is full of fear."

Remember that while Abbott has said zippo about his Democratic rivals during his reelection campaign so far, members of his inner circle have privately said for months that they would prefer facing Valdez than Houston entrepreneur Andrew White, who is more conservative on some issues than Valdez.

An unamused White responded: ""Clearly, I don't have Gov. Abbott's support for the Democratic nomination for governor. He wants Ms. Valdez as his opponent. But don't Democratic voters get to decide?"

The rest of the political week in Texas at times looked like a shootout between political rivals than a reasoned  civics debate, over issues including proposed revisions to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Abbott has warned President Trump that tearing up the pact could blast a hole in Texas' booming economy.

Don't mess with Texas, he said.

Also up for debate: Toll roads, an investigation of the Cambridge Analytica data case and the U.S. Senate race, where incumbent Republican Ted Cruz is positioning himself as a unity candidate.

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With Scott Braddock, editor of the Quorum Report, and Mike WardAustin Bureau chief for the Houston Chronicle.

Texas politics are entertaining but never boring, as this edition of the state's leading political podcast, produced in collaboration with partner Texas Public Radio, clearly shows.