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Texas Take

Jun 16, 2018

A fight over party chair, saluting President Trump; The inside skinny, direct from the GOP state convention in San Antonio

Two years ago, nobody wanted to talk about The Donald, even as he was winning his takeover bid of the Republican Party.

At this year's Republican state convention — billed as "the largest state political convention in the world," with more nearly 10,000 delegates and alternates in attendance — GOP leaders can't applaud now-President Trump enough.

Even "Big John" Cornyn, Texas' senior U.S. senator who has at times seemed less than enthused with Trump's governing style, and junior U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who presidential campaign Trump rolled over to capture the nomination, can't seem to tell folks how much they like "Big Don."

State party leaders could only wish for such praise. At a low-volume convention absent the intense policy fights of past years, a floor fight broke out over selecting the party chair. James Dickey won re-election after opponents called him some ugly names.  

Go behind the headlines for a look at what's really going on in Texas politics. Join the conversation featuring the Chronicle's Austin Bureau Chief Mike Ward and Scott Braddock, editor of The Quorum Report, an acclaimed Texas political newsletter, with special guest Ryan PoppeTexas Public Radio's Capitol reporter.

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